KOCB’s role in Keeping Orange County Beautiful is to organize the community bringing various elements together so that all programs become a community effort, rather than just a single group of dedicated people.

To this end, KOCB is proud to work with Orange County and the Cities of Orange,  Pinehurst and West Orange. In addition, cooperation with the Stark Foundation and its related enterprises is of prime importance to KOCB.

Adams Bayou Trash Off

A good example of this is the annual Adams Bayou Trash Off.  This program was originated by KOCB but is now successfully carried out by Shangri-La with strong support from other community organizations.

Adopt-A-Street Program

In cooperation with the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce and the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce, KOCB is proud to support the Adopt-A-Street program as designed by the Texas Dept. of Transportation.  KOCB is working with the local government administrations to boost participation in this program.


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