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Why Do People Litter?

Litter gets blown around by wind and traffic or until it gets carried by water. It moves until it's trapped by a curb, building or a fence. Once litter has accumulated, it invites people to add more litter to it!

Why do people litter?

  • n They feel no sense of ownership - even though parks and forests are public property.
  • n They believe someone else will pick up after them.
  • n Because the area is already littered.
  • What is the source of litter?
  • n Household trash placed at the curb for collection
  • n Dumpsters used by businesses
  • n Loading docks
  • n Construction and demolition sites
  • n Trucks with uncovered loads
  • n Pedestrians
  • n Motorists
  • n Set an example by not littering yourself!
  • n Teach others why it's important not to litter
  • n Remember that public areas are yours to enjoy and care for.
  • n Hike only where there are trails
  • n Have your school class make a list of different public areas and what they are used for. Visit them to see how they serve the community's needs.
  • n Invite someone from a local park or nature center to visit your class and speak about the importance of caring for public areas and using them wisely.
  • n Organize a group project to repair playground equipment, build benches or improve a neglected area.
  • n Make each day a litter-free event!
  • n Carry a litterbag in your car.
  • n Make sure trash cans have lids that can be securely fastened.
  • n Don't put loose trash in boxes.
  • n Cover open loads on all trucks.
  • n Make litterbags for your bicycle too and give them to your friends.
  • n Volunteer to help organize a cleanup.
  • n Report to local authorities any areas where people have illegally dumped garbage and debris.
  • n Check dumpsters every day to see that top and side doors are closed.

You can help Keep Orange County Beautiful!

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