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KOCB works in conjunction with various governmental and  non-governmental agencies within Orange County to organize and  implement its programs.

Tree Programs

KOCB sponsors and/or directly implements numerous tree projects in Orange County.

Trees have been planted along streets by KOCB volunteers, trees have been donated to cities for them to plant in parks and other locations, and a give-away of Satuma Orange trees to businesses in Orange have all helped to get more trees back into the environment.

In 2012, KOCB donated $2,500 to kick-start a program to plant crepe myrtle trees on all the thoroughfares in the City of  Pinehurst.

Trash Programs

Anti-litter programs have been a major focus of KOCB since it's inception almost two decades ago.  The Great Orange Trash-Off program started with KOCB and is now successfully continued by Shangri-La Botanical Gardens..

In 2012 KOCB ran two Electronic Waste Collection Days.  More than 18,000 pounds of electronic and electric waste was collected in January and more than 16,000 pounds again in June.  Almost 18 tons of potentially hazardous  materials recycled so as not to pollute the ground water - and SIX CONTAINER LOADS of material not placed in a landfill.



City of Pinehurst
KOCB, in cooperation with the Texas Forestry Service,  donated 20 trees to the City for planting in  parks.  Spring 2008


Liberty Garden
Creation of a Liberty Garden was in response to a  national initiative from Keep America Beautiful and  from Keep Texas Beautiful.  The Stark Foundation owns the property on the  southeast corner of Green Avenue and Fifth Street  and generously agreed to allow the creation of the  liberty garden at the request of Gateway Cities  Proud. 


MacArthur  Drive gets 24 new trees
In  an effort to keep Orange beautiful, 24 trees were  planted along MacArthur Drive - November 2007

The tree planting was made possible because of  donations from businesses and individuals.


Lily Sales
Annual day lily sales were held in the fall each year  with the help of benefactors from Pinehurst  Gardens.  With their passing, the sales could no  longer be held.


Orange County Trash Off
The original Orange County Trash Off was a day set  aside to help residents clear out heavy trash from  their properties.  An example is this excerpt  from the Orange Leader in 2004.


Why Save Trees?
 Take care of trees during construction
Plain facts on litter
What trees/plants to put in the ground in SETX









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