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Once each calendar quarter, a Beautification Award is  presented to a single residence and a single business that  have best exhibited the concept of Keeping Orange County Beautiful..  Award  recipients may come from anywhere within Orange County.

The purpose of the award is to recognize individuals and organizations that exhibit exceptional symmetry with  KOCB’s mission and to encourage the recipient's neighbors to do the same.

Each award recipient will receive a lawn sign to indicate the award and the date of the award.  Award recipients may also receive gift certificates and other valuable considerations raised by the Program Partners.  The lawn sign does not need to be returned to the Committee unless it or the location is not maintained.

Whenever possible, a small public ceremony is held at  the award recipient's site.  If a chamber of commerce partner is involved, this ceremony includes members of their ambassadors  program and each partner uses  its normal facilities to see that a photograph is published in  its favorite media including their own web sites.

Program Partners

KOCB’s quarterly Beautification Award program is held in  conjunction with our Program Partners, including the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce (BCCC). 

Award recipients are nominated by the public on the Keep Orange County Beautiful website  (www.KOCB.org). 

KOCB welcomes other organizations and individuals to participate as Program Partners in the award program. (Contact the webmaster for more info.)

Each program partner provides a promotional page on their own web sites with links to the nomination page on the KOCB website.

In addition to the public nominations, Program Partners are responsible for one nomination each period for a business and KOCB is responsible for one nomination for a residence.  Nominations shall close at the end of the second month of the calendar quarter.  KOCB is responsible for tallying the nominations. Whenever possible, preference shall be given to nominations from the public.  

 The Committee

The  Orange County Beautification Committee, controls the award activities.  The Committee makes the selection of award recipients during the 3rd month of the calendar quarter.  One selection is made for a residence and one for a business.  If possible, all nominations have a drive-by viewing.  The actual award ceremony is held as close to the 1st of the following quarter as possible. 


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