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About KOCB

Keep Orange County Beautiful
Keep Orange County Beautiful is a registered D/B/A for Gateway Cities Proud - Southeast Texas Inc., a Texas non-profit corporation.

KOCB has chosen to focus its efforts on two prime areas – Trees and Trash.  

KOCB’s mission is to educate, organize, and implement programs to achieve its vision.

KOCB is managed by its Board of Directors, for which there is provision for up to 17 directors.  Eight are elected by the Board itself and the other seven represent public entities, such as cities and school districts.  KOCB does not have members in the traditional sense of the word.  Instead “membership” is considered to be the Board of Directors and any official members of committees and sub-committees.

About Orange County, Texas

Orange County is defined by water with strong economic dependence on industries that are typically not the most environmentally friendly.

The natural beauty found here is superb,even with the economic development upon which the County owes its existence.

Our forests and our water resources support a myriad of wildlife, flora and fauna, that can rival the best in the nation.

KOCB is dedicated to the beauty of Orange County, to the people that live here, and to the efforts that have been and will continue to be needed to Keep Orange County Beautiful.

Defined by Water
Orange County has three borders. Two of these are formed by major Texas rivers: the Sabine and the Neches. In addition, both Adams Bayou and Cow Bayou dissect the middle of the county.

Economic Dependence
Orange County is heavily dependent on the PetroChemical and Marine industries, each of which work hard to be economically successful while being environmentally friendly at the same time.

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