A major role for KOCB is to educate the public to the value that trees bring to our environment and the need to maintain and grow that value.

In addition, the damage that litter brings to our environment must be stopped. The more that the public can be educated about the damaging effects of litter – and what they can do about it, the better off we shall all be.

KOCB has two main focus issues: TREES and TRASH


KOCB provides education to the general public with informational brochures, such as those shown on the right.

Click on a topic or image on the right and become better informed.

Why Save Trees

Read this informative brochure on why trees should be conserved.

Take care of trees when you are putting up a building.


Some plain facts on litter.


What Trees to plant in SETX
An excellent guide to trees in Southeast Texas can be found on this website

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