Annual Day Lily Sales

David Brown and Dennis Davis, during their lifetime, lived at Pinehurst Gardens next to the Brown Center in Orange and were major benefactors to Keep Orange County Beautiful, then known as Gateway Cities Proud. 

Pinehurst Gardens had approximately 350,000 day lilies lining the flower beds of the 20-acre landscaped estate and David and Dennis donated day lily bulbs for the annual fall sale as a beautification project. There were thousands of cultivators with colors varying from near white and pastels to golds and oranges to dark reds and purples, plants ranging from 1 to 4 feet tall with blooms from 2 to 7 inches across. 

No one can deny the day lily’s popularity and there is not much that will stop the day lily from growing. It is one of the most diehard perennials. But once day lilies multiply to the point where each plant-let is not receiving the nutrients it should, bloom production starts to decline. Lifting the plants and separating them should help increase the number of flowers.

 Dividing and culling at Pinehurst Gardens takes place before the day lily sale with the help of local master gardeners. “Our annual sales were a tremendous success! Over 4,000 day lily bulbs could be sold out in less than one hour,” said Sandra Villadsen, KOCB spokesperson and day lily sale coordinator.

 “We are very fortunate that the owners of Pinehurst Gardens made bulbs available each year for the beautification of Orange so we can all be proud owners of these spectacular blooming day lilies!” said Villadsen. 

“Fall planting give day lilies time to establish a good root system before winter sets in.” said Villadsen. “Give new plants the best start by planting in well-prepared beds in full sun to partial shade. Look for an area that receives at least six hours of daily sunlight.” 

“Unless you have sandy, well-drained soil, a raised bed is best. Day lilies are not picky but prefer a neutral to slightly acidic soil. Whether your soil is sand or clay, work in generous amounts of organic material. Compost, composed leaves or composed manure, will modify both soil extremes and improve growing conditions.”

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