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Quarter Residential Commercial

Keep Orange County Beautiful presented a Beautification Award to Ms. Laverne Hubbard of Orange.  Ms. Hubbard started her gardens in 1982 and has seen them tended for more than 30 years. 

Pictured, left to right, are Harry Vine of Keep Orange County Beautiful, Ms. La Verne Hubbard – owner, and Ms Loretta Manning who is responsible for maintaining the gardens.

Parish Garden, as it is called, is directly across Park Avenue from Shangri La Botanical Gardens and provides a beautiful welcome to visitors even before they arrive at Shangri La.


St Mary’s School on Bob Hall Road was nominated for an award because of the cleanup and planting work that the students have done.  Nominated by Betty Harmon and Lee Ann Fuselier.

KOCB made the award to the students with the help of the school mascot and the cheerleaders.

Q3 2010
Kim and Ebb Moore of 703 8th Street in beautiful downtown historical Orange are the newest recipients of  KEEP ORANGE COUNTY BEAUTIFUL‘s residential beautification award.  Kim and Ebb, owners of Parlours, express their creativity not only in interior decorating but in beautiful landscaping.  Keep Orange County Beautiful is a non-profit organization that is ? years old and is an affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful. Please visit the website at etc. KOGT Radio received the Keep Orange County Beautiful Award for the third quarter of 2010 and will get to proudly display the KOCB sign. Owner Gary Stelly said, “I’ll take credit for paying for it but I have to credit Mark Frey and James Bloodworth for keeping it beautiful.”
Q2 2010    

ORANGE COUNTY – Carl and Pam Bihm proudly receive the Residential Beautification Award for their home landscaping at home at 223 Henrietta Street.  Presenting the award is Sandra Cash of Keep Orange County Beautiful.

Keep Orange County Beautiful presents quarterly Beautification Awards to both residential and commercial properties.  For more information or to nominate someone for the award, go to their website at or contact the chamber at (409) 883-3536 or

J David Derosier, Chairman of Keep Orange County Beautiful (KOCB,) presents the 2nd Quarter Commercial Beautification Award to Linda Cupit, CEO of Sabine Federal Credit Union (SFCU) at their main office on Strickland Drive in Pinehurst. Senior officials from the Credit Union together with Ambassadors of the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce attended the event.

Mrs. Cupit said, “It’s an honor to be recognized for the work we have done on our office here in Pinehurst. The Credit Union strives hard to be a good member of the community, both by our involvement in the community and by keeping our facilities beautiful.” TW Permenter, mayor of Pinehurst and a Board Member of SFCU said, “As mayor, It is a pleasure to have the Sabine Credit Union here in Beautiful Downtown Pinehurst; as a member of the Board, I am proud of the way the Credit Union serves its customers and the community.”

Pictured left-to-right are: Maureen McAllister (SFCU), TW Permenter, David Meaux (COO – SFCU), Linda Cupit ,Tommie Daniel (Orange Savings Bank), Doug Allen (SFCU), Rose Simar (Symar Web Design), Wanda McGraw (SFCU), J David Derosier, Bob Peterson (AT&T), Ida Shossow (Chamber President), and Alvin Touchet (AdSource Outdoor Advertising).

Q1 2010    

 Across the street from Shangri-La

Wanda and Michael Johnson of 2106 Park Avenue in Orange were awarded the 1st Quarterly Residential Beautification Award of 2010 by Keep Orange County Beautiful.

Pictured (left to right) are Betty Patten, Wanda and Michael Johnson, and Crystal Wingate. Ms Patten and Ms Wingate are longtime directors on the board of Keep Orange County Beautiful.

Thompsons recognized at retirement After three decades of serving the employment needs of the Greater Orange business community, Fred and Darlene Thompson have decided to retire. A retirement party was held for them at the offices of Technical Resource Staffing Service at 2497 MLK Jr. Drive in Pinehurst with more than a hundred people in attendance.

In addition to several cakes and numerous retirement presents, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson were presented with the Commercial Beautification Award for the first quarter of 2010 by Keep Orange County Beautiful. Pictured above taking part in the presentation were Ambassadors from the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce: (left to right) Rose Simar, Cynthia Buckles, Fred & Darlene Thompson, Shirley Zimmerman, Sandra Villadsen and J David Derosier of KOCB, and TW Permenter Mayor of Pinehurst.

Q4 2009
The Easter Bunny is not the only one bringing gifts.
Easter weekend brought a nice surprise to Mark and Shondia Simar who live in Oak Creek Addition just north of I-10 in Orange.  But it wasn’t the Easter Bunny, it was Keep Orange County Beautiful (KOCB) delivering another Residential Beautification Award.
Shown in the picture on either side of Mark Simar are J David Derosier of KOCB and Mrs. Rose Simar, Mark’s mother and an Ambassador for the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce.
Mark said, “It is quite an honor to be recognized for the work we have done to our property.  Most of our neighborhood looks so nice, it is great to be singled out for such an award.”
Derosier commented that, “This is an extremely well kept area of Orange.  By giving out these awards we not only want to reward those who have done well, we want to encourage more people to Keep Orange County Beautiful – to spread the good work all over.”

Keep Orange County Beautiful (KOCB) once again selected a local business in Orange for its quarterly Business Beautification Award. Supported by a group of Ambassadors from the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce, J. David Derosier, Chairman of KOCB and an Ambassador, presented the sign to Shondrica Hudson and Joseph Sigger at the Jack-in-the-Box restaurant located at 2900 16th Street.

In accepting the award, Ms Hudson said, “Jack-in-the-Box prides itself not only on our quality food but also on providing clean facilities and enhancing the environment in our neighborhood.” Mr. Derosier remarked that, “Once again we are thrilled to recognize the good work done by so many merchants in keeping Orange County looking so good. We hope that through these awards we can encourage even more to go that extra step.” 


Q3 2009  

On a brisk January morning, Keep Orange County Beautiful (KOCB) presented its quarterly Residential Beautification Award to Ms. Barbara Bates on 35th Street in Pinehurst.

J. David Derosier, chairman of KOCB, said, “Ms Bates has done such a fantastic job of bringing in soil and plants to make her home and the area shine. She has set the tone for the rest of the neighborhood to follow.”

Pinehurst Mayor TW Permenter said, “We are so proud to have residents like Ms Bates – people that take pride in their property and keep our city looking so nice. They are the true leaders of our community.”

Pictured, left to right, are Sandra Cash and J David Derosier of Keep Orange County Beautiful, Ms Barbara Bates, and Pinehurst Mayor TW Permenter (also a board member of KOCB).

Opened only seven months, the Hampton Inn off I-10 in Orange was recently awarded the quarterly Beautification Award by Keep Orange County Beautiful (KOCB) as is their custom, Ambassadors from the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce assisted in the award ceremony to hotel who is also a member of the Chamber.

According to J David Derosier, Chairman of KOCB, “The exterior landscaping on the Hampton Inn is exceptionally well done. It is a pleasure to see it as visitors enter Texas on I-10 and a good sign of continued positive growth in the greater Orange area.”

Along with eight other area properties, the Hampton Inn is locally owned by a Pride Management Inc. of Beaumont. The new 68-room Hampton Inn is completely non-smoking, a welcome feature for most business travelers today.

Q2 2009    
Karl and Rosalie Eason of 3138 West Park in Pinehurst received the Q2 award for beautiful yard work they present to the public entering and leaving the City of Pinehurst on Park Street.  Pictured, left to right, are Eva Magnuson, J David Derosier and Danielle Derosier of KOCB, Mr and Mrs Eason, and their daughter Elizabeth Tran. Congratulations to Chicken Express in Bridge City and to Gary & Catey McCarty, the proud owner/operators.  Keep Orange County Beautiful, together with local chambers of commerce, recently presented their Beautification Award to the new business on Texas Avenue.  The award was presented by J David Derosier of KOCB, with chamber ambassadors on hand to add their congratulations. (It rained that day so the award was presented indoors.  It now proudly sits in grass outside.)
Q1 2009
Robert and Carol Sims of 1007 Pine Avenue in the historic district of Orange proudly receive the Residential Beautification Award for the first quarter of 2009.  Making the presentation are Sandra Villadsen and Betty Patten of KOCB. Brad Child of Ace Hardware on 16th Street in Orange proudly accepts the Commercial Beautification Award for the first quarter of 2009 from Keep Orange County Beautiful.  Holding the sign with Mr. Child are J. David Derosier and Sandra Villadsen of KOCB.  Members of the Orange Chamber’s Ambassadors Program also participated in the award presentation.

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