November 28th 2016

Oilla Street, Orangefield

On Saturday November 28th 2016 around 9:00 am, a bunch of local Orangefield residents came together to clean up their roads.

They started with Oilla Street. From about a one mile stretch, they filled more than 15 bags of garbage. Garbage which included needles, beer and soft drink bottles and cans and all sorts of other trash.

Let this be a start of something new. Let’s all get together and Keep Orange County Beautiful, one road at a time.

Submitted by Shawnie Wagstaff of Orangefield

Monday October 3rd 2016

Orange, Texas – It has been said, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago!”

Since this is impossible, the next best thing is to transplant a tree that is 20 years old.

Meet Naomi, fresh from Louisiana, this 25 feet+ Live Oak Tree was recently planted in the beautiful downtown historical Orange neighborhood by owners Leslie Barras and Kevin McAdams.

After the property lost a mature Live Oak during Hurricane Rita, the couple decided they did not want to wait another 20 years for the economical and environmental benefits provided by a full-grown canopy tree.

They “dug deep”- literally and figuratively- and purchased Naomi (lovingly named by Leslie’s mother). Trees have always been part of Orange County’s Cultural Heritage. The benefit of trees is immense. A single tree will absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

It is a generous and noble act to protect, preserve, propagate and plant large canopy trees. For this reason Keep Orange County Beautiful is pleased to recognize Barras and McAdams for this valuable gift with its ensuing environmental benefits; and proud to name them KOCB’s Hometown Beautification Hero.

Keep Orange County Beautiful is an affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful. For more information on KOCB visit our website at www.KOCB.org

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